About me

I am an herbal enthusiast. I drink herbal teas and superfood for over ten years now for their antiseptic, nurturing, calming and stimulating properties. A few years ago I complimented my practical knowledge about herbs and superfood with an academic course in herbal medicine acquiring further insight into their active properties, their use, warnings and combination practices.

Herbs and superfood help me focus, increase my energy, deliver the nutrients I need to boost my immunity and support me when I need to calm my mind and drift off to sleep. They are my rescue and helpful friends.

I created Amicus to support my herbal hobby and to encourage others to use herbs for their active properties. I offer a selection of herbs that I find useful and tasty to drink on a daily basis to nurture my body and mind.

My three main collections:

Beauty and Weight Loss

These are grouped together for ease but are mutually exclusive! Beauty comes in many shapes and forms.

    Relaxation and Sleep 

    A good night sleep is crucial for our mind and body to function well. Nightly we need to slow down our bodily processes and recharge. A calm and quiet mind are essential here.

      Memory and Energy

      The mind is a complex machine that shapes who we are and our capabilities. Its health is our health. Nurturing the mind to help it concentrate and memorize, should be our daily priority.

      For me to be me the mind needs to be nourished and worry free!

      If you have questions or need advice give me a call, write me an email or tweet your question.

      Look forward to hearing from you!

      Dasha Moskalenko

      PS As a full-time manager I may not always have the opportunity to pick up your call. Leave me a voicemail, and I'll get back to you that day.



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