Relax and Sleep

Take short breaks. Watch your nutrition. Have a relaxation ritual.

Relaxation is needed to allow the body and mind to recover from exertion. You can handle more and manage stress better if you take sufficient breaks to relax.

To de-stress faster and get more energy you need to take short breaks, make task lists regularly, have a relaxation ritual and watch your nutrition. Too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar and cigarettes all negatively affect your physical wellbeing making it more difficult for you to relax.

Soothing herbal infusions are a great aid to help calm the mind, giving you a peaceful feeling and encourage a healthy sleep. Check out the blog post on relaxation for more tips.

I like to explore new herbs and superfood. My collection consists of a few core herbs which I use daily. These are renewed and always present. Additionally quarterly I enrich my collection with new additions to try and review.



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